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Online Booking Rules and Requirements

Booking Officer

The AAC Falls Creek Booking Officer is:

Alan Long


0409 417 253 Mon-Fri 6pm-8:30pm 

Important notes


Covid Safe procedures may overrule normal booking conditions and services. AAC Falls Creek will modify conditions and procedures from time to time to protect members, guests &staff and to comply with Covid regulations. The COVID-19 SAFE OPERATING PLAN is available at aacfallscreek.com/pdf/aacfccovidsafeplan.pdf.There is a summary of the most important things you need to know is available at aacfallscreek.com/pdf/aacfccovidsafesummary.pdf.

A surcharge may be applied to cover additional costs related to Covid precautions.


This system provides a convenient alternative to submitting booking forms. Room allocation and confirmation of bookings remains at the discretion of the booking officer. 

The same booking conditions apply to bookings made through this system and through the booking forms.

In particular, bookings for weekends (except opening weekend and race weekend) and other periods other than Sun-Sat and Sun-Thur cannot be confirmed till 19 days prior for members and shorter times for guests and members of other lodges. See Waitlist below for how to express interest in weekends and other non-standard bookings.

Please be aware that your booking request is not confirmed until payment is verified and you receive a confirmation email from the Booking Officer.

Change to July Vic School Holiday Bookings

  • Previously there have been special arrangements for bookings for the Victorian July School Holidays. The demand for bookings in this period is still high, but not as much as in earlier years. Therefore normal booking arrangements will apply for school holidays


  • Waitlisting may be used to express interest in weekend or other non-standard bookings (ie anything other than standard 7 and 5 night bookings beginning on Sundays, or opening weekend or race weekend). Waitlist requests cannot be confirmed until the official opening time for the booking (eg 19 days prior for members)
  • See Waitlist Booking Policy for more information on how this applies at AAC Falls Creek. In particular, each member is restricted to 3 waitlist requests for weekends or other non-standard bookings. The criteria used by the booking officer for allocating waitlist requests is also outlined.
  • If, at the time you want to book, the beds are not available, you will be asked if you want to ‘waitlist’. If you choose to waitlist then if there is a cancellation you will be advised and offered the booking.
  • A new feature has been added to deal with the situation where sometimes people made waitlist requests but did not require them when the time came to approve the booking. By the time it was clear that the booking was not required, it was sometimes too late for someone else to take up the opportunity.
  • Now, if you make a waitlist request, you will be sent an email approx 1 week before the opening date for the booking. You will be asked to confirm within 2 days that you still want it. If you do not respond promptly, the waitlist request will lapse. If your waitlist booking is approved, you must then pay immediately or it will lapse.
  • On a trial basis, eligible waitlist requests will be approved from 1 June, where eligible means
    • only members, spouse and their children, and
    • the preceding midweek is full, and
    • the booking is paid for immediately on request from the booking officer.

Opening Dates for Bookings

  • AAC Falls Creek members: 1 February
  • Members of other AAC lodges: 1 March
  • Spouse and children of AAC Falls Creek Member, accompanied by that member: 8 March
  • Guests: 15 March
  • To improve the enforcement of this rule, on any night a member can only be booked into one bed in their own name.You can use the comment section of a booking to tell the booking officer if you intend booking for others as well.

Bookings and Payment

  • Online booking into AAC Falls Creek is available to AAC Falls Creek and AAC members for themselves, accompanying family and guests. Bookings can only be made by members and all communication and confirmation is via email, so your email address must be kept current in the system. 
  • Wherever possible (in keeping with the priority system and accommodating as many people as possible) bookings will be allocated their preferred beds/rooms.
  • Payment for online bookings can only be made with Visa or Master Card. If other forms of payment are required, bookings must be made via the Booking Officer.
  • Only one credit card can be used per booking, where payment needs to be split over several cards, a separate booking needs to be made for each card used.
  • Once the booking has been made, an Invoice will be emailed to the member for immediate payment.
  • A stricter approach is being taken to bookings that are not paid prompltly. Bookings that remain unpaid 7 days after invoice will be cancelled.

Race Week Bookings

  • A non-refundable surcharge is applicable to ‘Race Weekend’ bookings to pay for the race and Saturday dinner, is applicable to all members and guests staying at the lodge on Race Day. If you haven’t selected the surcharge for each person in your booking (at step 2 of the booking process), your booking will have the status ‘Waitlisted’, pending review and authorization if applicable, by the booking officer.

Cancelling Bookings

  • Members can cancel their bookings online, or by contacting the Booking Officer. The booking system will apply the applicable credit to the Member's account.


  • Children under 3 (at the time of their stay) stay free.
  • Children under 18 years (at the time of their stay) are charged 50% or the relevant adult rate.
  • Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests, including children
  • A responsible adult must accompany members and guests under 18.

Winter Season Booking Rules

  • ‘Full Week’, and ‘5 day Mid Week’ stays (both beginning on Sundays) can be booked by members at anytime after bookings open on February 1st.
  • Bookings for a single night can’t be made until 24 hours before the date of stay
  • For a Weekend or any stay other than those above
    • Members can book 19 days prior to the first night of stay
    • Other AAC members and Member Family can book 16 days prior to the first night of stay
    • Guests can book 15 days prior to the first night of stay
    Requests for these (and single night) bookings can be entered earlier but will be waitlisted and reviewed at the appropriate time.
  • Any midweek bookings running into the weekend must include both Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Members are not to book ‘one person’ into a double room unless authorised in advance by the booking officer (eg Room 1, 2, 4).
  • Members wanting exclusive use of family/bunk rooms must book the maximum capacity of the room, or maximum less 1 unless otherwise authorised in advance by the booking officer
  • All single person and Under 18 bookings require the gender and age of the person to be entered into the system.
  • A member/guest of the same gender and age group can book an unoccupied bed ‘on-line’. This applies to twin rooms, bunk rooms and standard rooms with only one occupant, Outside of these guidelines (mixed gender or age group), the booking request must go through the booking officer.
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